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10 Step Home Buying Guide

10 Step Home Buying Guide Launching into the home buying process can be daunting and may feel like one of those crazy jigsaw puzzles you tackled as a kid. So many pieces – where do I start? This 10 Step Home Buying Guide, in the next 11 posts, will ease your mind. Following will be a step by step guide to propel you from start to finish and get you into your next home! Whether you are a firs […]

Real Estate Insights & Information – Welcome!

This post will re-launch my SF2MarinHomes blog with a letter from the heart and a further definition of my Real Estate focus. If you enjoy my story, have a present or future interest in Real Estate or just want to read my blog posts please subscribe or create an RSS feed! Thank you in advance for your support. Real Estate Insights – A Fluid Life is a Good Life Life is fluid and fluidity crea […]

San Francisco’s Camp Mather – Best Kept Secret?

Where did you spend your summer vacation? We spent a week at Camp Mather which prompts the question, “What is Camp Mather”? Camp Mather is a family camp located outside of the Yosemite Valley, owned by the City of San Francisco, run by the Recreation and Park Department and originally housed the workers building the Hetch Hetchy Damn. I first heard about it from parents in my son&#8217 […]

Are you a Tweeper? Do you Tweet?

Or are you still shaking your head and silently laughing at the 175 million (so that number is up for debate but you get the idea)  of us now sharing information and finding real time news and data on Twitter? When I tell people I use Twitter the majority reaction is either silence, a smug “huh” and shrug or repressed laughter.  I can see the confusion and disgust on peoples faces. The […]

Marin County Open Space: Highway 37: Stunning Views and Wildlife

Marin County Open Space: Highway 37: Stunning Views and Wildlife Once or twice a month I get the pleasure of driving to Sacramento and back. I have the option of traveling on 580 to 80 from 101 or crossing over to 80 via Highway 37. I choose Highway 37 90% of the time even though the one lane freeway is unpredictable. I have been traveling the roads between San Francisco or Marin and Sacramento si […]

Relocate to Marin County from Across the Bay or Across the Ocean

Relocate to Marin County from Across the Bay or Across the Ocean What makes Marin County so great? Why is it one of the most expensive housing markets in the world? Why should you move to Marin County? You can’t grow up in Marin County and not feel a little spoiled, special and unique. It truly is one of the most stunningly beautiful places to live and work. The residents of Marin develop a […]